Property for rent
UNI insists on the main body of the business of studying abroad and cross-border rent. In order to help more international students find the warmest home abroad, we sincerely invite you to become our partner, and we will display the most comprehensive aspects of your apartment on our website. At the same time, our self-developed "Uni-students" intelligent saas management system has built an in-depth management plan for the entire industry chain of studying abroad, renting houses and customized service industry for you! UNI accurately grasps the basic information of each tenant to fully protect the rights of the landlord, and you only need to pay for each completed order.
On the UNI platform, international students can book a moving service online, lock the specific time and place, add me, you can choose and accept orders online, maximize your clear information, save time and operating costs, and maximize your benefits. As long as you complete the order task generated by the system, the remuneration will be sent to your account through UNI, and the platform's one-stop service and the most professional fund management will make you worry-free. UNI needs you to provide a professional team to ensure the safest packaging, and loading and unloading services. Ensure handling efficiency.
Shuttle service
The airport pickup business has always been a strong sector of UNI. With the increasing number of international students, the number of people traveling at the airport is bound to increase, and the demand for services is very large. The airport is generally set up in the suburban area, and the transportation is not very convenient. Compared with other business lines, the airport shuttle is basically medium and long-distance, and the income of the owner is more considerable. The passengers are of high quality and their work is more comfortable. By joining the UNI platform, you can accept the pick-up and drop-off service online through the system according to the flights provided by international students. The platform is very clear about the flight delay information and provides you with reasonable suggestions for travel pick-up. The price is transparent and reliable, and the payment for the order is immediately received.
Cleaning Services
Cleaning services are just-needed services on the UNI platform. The market demand for international students is very large and most of them have periodic long-term service needs. The threshold of clean service technology is low. Join us and your business volume will continue to grow for a long time. International students place online reservation time and place, and the price is open, you can choose to accept orders online through the UNI platform. The payment for the completed order is immediately received. No worries.
Luggage storage service
UNI is committed to providing you with convenient and efficient luggage storage services, solving the problem of difficulty in everyone's travel storage, so that everyone can put down their luggage and enjoy a relaxed travel. In recent years, the demand for luggage storage business has been increasing, and for the settlement, the investment is low and the profit is large. Join us and you can rent out unused space through UNI or regional agents to expand regional business and enjoy high agency income.
Charter service
UNI analyzes user travel through self-developed travel algorithms and big data cloud platforms, and covers many popular cities around the world. It provides global chartered / car rental price query and reservation services for international students. The market demand for car rental services is huge, UNI welcomes you to join. You will get policy support, technical consultation, pre-sales support, program support and delivery support exclusively for channel partners. Escort important projects for partners. Obtaining technical support from the UNI professional team in the special technical field allows you to gain a leading edge in the vertical market.
International Express Service
When you join us and choose to join UNI International Express, it means that you are an international courier expert with excellent delivery service. Overseas customers have a large demand for international express mailing services and considerable benefits. At the same time, we also provide service providers with "Uni-students" intelligent saas management system independently developed by UNI. Through the "Uni-students" intelligent saas management system, we adopt standard pricing and standard operating procedures to unify the brand image. At the same time, we will provide policy support for our partners to keep you in a leading position in the vertical market.
Study abroad mall
International students have strong spending power, and they have a strong dream of scouring domestic products without leaving home. We look forward to joining you and your shop. UNI will use advanced technology to integrate the supply of goods, overseas local payment, warehousing and logistics through its own platform advantages. We will provide you with services supporting transactions and customer management functions. The professional customer service team of UNI will guide your website construction. Relying on the platform, we also provide you with product promotion services. The development prospect is very broad.
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