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High-quality service platform
UNI INTERNATIONAL LTD (hereinafter referred to as UNI) is a high-quality platform that provides global real estate leasing and customization services and is driven by big data.
UNI was founded in May 2019. At present, we have thousands of suites in dozens of popular cities in many countries in the UK and medium。
In addition, the platform also provides diversified customized services, high-quality platforms, and broad prospects, looking forward to a win-win investment for you.
Your joining will surely become the biggest driving force for us to make strategic plans and carry out actions. We will do our best to maximize your investment benefits.

uprising industry
UNI insists on improving the quality of life of overseas students as the first criterion. We feel that we must be ambitious to do business and face the future in doing things.
The customized study abroad service belongs to the Chaoyang industry, has strong vitality, and has a broad market prospect, representing the current and future development trends.

Mature team
The service consultants of the UNI team have all had the background or life experience of studying abroad and can provide 24h multilingual precision service for international students.
UNI has an excellent technical team.

High-quality customer base
Our customers are mainly international students. Faced with the growing group of international students, we fully believe that our customized study abroad service will become a good partner for their study abroad life.
Improving the quality of life of overseas students is always our number one criterion.
our products
UNI takes overseas study real estate and cross-border rent as its business main body, and also provides customized services such as overseas airport pick-up, chartered tour, and house cleaning for Guangzhou University students. At the same time, UNI has constructed a simple, interesting and trustworthy overseas shopping mall for international students.

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