This kind of shop in the UK is the best place to buy shampoo, bath solution, toiletries, public skin care products, gadgets and other daily necessities. There are also pharmacies in each shop. To buy daily necessities in the UK, it depends on the size of the supermarket, because the UK supermarket chain has different stores of different sizes, the smaller the store, the less the variety of daily necessities. If you have just come to the UK, there is only a small supermarket nearby. If you see that there are only a few kinds of shampoo on the shelf, and even the nail clipper is not sold, please be calm. You need to go to a bigger supermarket or the two below.


Boots is the most commonly used health and beauty chain store in the UK. It is definitely the real Watsons in the UK. Whether it's medicine, daily necessities or cosmetics and skin care products, you can buy them here.


His family should be the only competitor of boots. The second largest daily necessities chain store in Britain opened its first store in London in 1966. There are not as many branches as boots, but they sell a lot of things. Some products have different brands.


I remember when I was studying IELTS at home, the teacher said that foreign medicine can't be bought casually. When I came to the UK, I found that there are actually two kinds of drugs: over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs. In the boots and superdrug mentioned above, you can buy many over-the-counter drugs such as cold medicine, vitamins, painkillers, antidiarrheals and so on, as well as special pharmacy counters. Here are the prescription drugs specially sold by doctors. In addition, there are also pharmacies in big British supermarkets and private pharmacies in communities, which sell all kinds of drugs. If you have special Chinese medicine to take, you'd better take it from home. The Chinese medicine in Chinatown is very expensive.

Home furnishing stores about quilts, pillows, kitchenware, kitchenware, these home furnishings are heavy and occupy space. In order to reduce the weight of luggage, most of them do not need to be brought from home. The British household products are very perfect. Even iron plate burning, electric rice cooker, electromagnetic stove and electric hot pot, which are commonly used in our country, can be purchased here! Please pay attention to the red scarf discount and shopping page. We will often recommend many practical household appliances and kitchen appliances to you. Here are a few of the most suitable stores for new students to buy home furnishings when they just arrived in the UK.


Argos is a store without shelves. There are many chains in the UK, and the price is relatively low. There is a catalog for customers to browse. After choosing the desired product, write down the serial number of the product and pay for it. Then choose the time to pick it up or deliver it. If you don't have Argos near your home, you can also buy online directly, but you must have a British bank card to pay online. If you already have friends in the UK, you can ask them to buy some necessities for you first, and you can use them directly when you come. If you have come here and want to order online, but don't have a bank card, you can also find a friend to prepay in advance.


IKEA believes everyone knows! There are also in the United Kingdom, there are five in London, and in big cities, such as Bermingham, Coventry, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristow, Cardiff and Southampton, there are also IKEA. Most IKEA in London is far away. If you want to go, it is suggested that several people go together. If you want to buy furniture, you can also choose to pay for home delivery service.

The Hut

The hut has no physical stores, like an online department store. You can think of and can't think of any categories. There are sales here. It's very suitable for young people who are new to the UK, who are not familiar with where to buy things or who don't have convenient shopping places near the life circle. The hut website is divided into men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, household products, electronic products, sports outdoor clothing accessories, women's beauty, men's beauty, gifts, toys and video games. It has a complete range of categories and is not inferior to the old department stores. The brand of his family is more close to the people. The majority of high street brands are very suitable for daily consumption, not only convenient shopping in the UK, but also support Alipay.


Amazon is no stranger to everyone. It was founded in the United States in 1994. It is the world's leading e-commerce platform. It started with selling books, and then gradually expanded to the current scale. All kinds of home appliances and department stores are sold. Amazon in the UK has its own independent and powerful shopping app. You can "buy now with 1-click" after you place an order. Just press the key and you'll be at home waiting for delivery! There are 10 categories of Amazon's products in the UK. Because businesses can open their own stores on Amazon, they can choose more than their peers. They can find many foreign well-known products that are not often bought in the UK, and when there is a discount, the prices of some products are even more affordable than the prices on the official website.

Common commodity brands

In fact, many of the common brands of daily necessities in China are from abroad, such as the products of P & G and Unilever. There are also domestic and foreign brands, so you don't need to worry too much about daily necessities. When preparing the luggage for going abroad, you can buy small bottles of travel clothes like bath lotion and shampoo, and then buy large bottles after you come here, because bath lotion is heavy and takes up space. As for the price of daily necessities in the UK, we can't generalize that they are cheap or expensive, because the brand is different from the brand, and the discount and no discount are also different. On average, daily use