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Every time I go back to China, I always want to bring something to the seven big aunts in China. As a gift to return home, chocolate can be said to be the first choice on the list. There aren't many other things in the UK. Chocolate is still "many enough". From different brands to a wide variety of flavors, there is always one that meets your requirements. Although like the Godiva in Belgium, Patchi, one of the world's top handmade chocolate brands, is a famous chocolate brand, but since we are studying in the UK, we certainly have to buy some British chocolate brands, and many British natives. The chocolate brand is also unique in the "chocolate world"!



 Amelia Rope



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Amelia is a famous British chocolate master who won the championship at the famous BBC Chefs Masterchef. Under the intoxication and obsession with chocolate, Amilia opened her own chocolate company of the same name. The chocolates are all handmade, only in cube and block form. Thirteen flavors are packaged in different colors of tin foil. The outer layer is wrapped with kraft paper and specially made with a special ribbon. It is simple and simple, and it is released without any fancy packaging. An atmosphere and elegance. Amelia Rope chocolate has won several times at The Academy of Chocolate Awards, and series such as Dark Ginger and Pale Lemon & Sea Salt are often sold out of stock. Amelia can't be bought in China for a while, London babies can go to Selfridges, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason and Wholefoods to buy them. Besides London's treasures, don't be too sad, you can order online!








Bendicks is a world-renowned chocolate brand and one of the chocolate brands designated by the British royal family. Bendicks has developed a range of mint-flavored chocolates such as Mint Crisps, The Mayfair Mint, The Victoria Mint, but the most famous product is Bittermints! Bendicks combines high-purity bitter cocoa with cold mint. The bitterness of cocoa is more sweet than peppermint. For those who like mint flavor, they must buy it!








Cadbury is the most common brand in the supermarkets in the UK. Its milk chocolate has been delicious for two hundred years. At the beginning of Cadbury's birth, Queen Victoria granted the British royal family a special authorization. One of the biggest secrets of this honor is that the phrase "every 200g of Cadbury milk chocolate contains a cup of semi-pure milk", and then the world is drunk. A cup of semi-pure milk. Many babies should go to Cadbury World when they go to Birmingham. They must remind everyone that they must arrange their time. They thought it would be a place to walk in an hour or two. I didn’t expect the ticket to be popular, and once Entering this sweet chocolate factory, I can really go shopping here for a day!



Charbonnel et Walker





Charbonnel et Walker is one of the oldest handmade chocolate merchants in the UK and one of the British royal family's designated chocolate brands. It holds the special seal of the British royal family. The store is located at the entrance to the Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street, and the colorful chocolates in the glass windows always provoke passers-by to covet. The film "The Chocolate" starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, the chocolates in the film are provided by Charbonnel et Walker, and some international routes will also provide the chocolate to their most distinguished First Class guests. Many people say that Charbonnel et Walker is the world's best chocolate, and its classic signature Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles and Coconut Truffle are “loveful”. And not only is the chocolate-colored scent, but even the Victorian-style packaging box can't help but want to collect it!








It is also a high-end master. The official website of the people is marked "Most Awarded UK Luxury Chocolatier 2009, 2010 & 2011". Demarquette is the representative brand of fine handmade luxury chocolate. The founder of the brand, the famous chocolate master Marc Demarquette insists on making the best chocolate with the best raw materials and the highest standards. Demarquette chocolate has become a hand-created art production in Marc's hands. .



Hotel Chocolat.





Hotel Chocolat. belongs to the higher-end popular chocolate brand in the UK and is the representative brand of British handmade chocolate. It not only has many physical stores in the UK, but also successfully opened the store to the United States. The most eye-catching thing in the store is the slab of chocolate, and each season has a different fancy, sweet and sweet chocolate embedded in different fruits and nuts, dazzling and coveted, as a gift to friends and relatives The chocolate gift of a friend is no longer atmospheric.








Montezuma’s is a famous British handmade luxury chocolate brand that won the British International Food Award in 2010. Although Montezuma chocolate is considered a luxury brand, the price is not particularly expensive, and sometimes it can be bought for two or three pounds when it comes to promotions and limited time special purchases. What's even more gratifying is that Montezuma has a special gift series, such as For her/him, Thank you, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. It is very intimate. In addition, Montezuma’s tastes a lot, from tradition to innovation, always giving you a different surprise.



Paul A Young Fine Chocolates





Paul A Young is an excellent handmade chocolate brand in the UK. He won six awards at the 2001 Academay of Chocolates Awards. The creation of Paul A Young's "Adventures with Chocolate" also won many awards. Compared to other brands, Paul A Young may not be very well known. According to friends who have eaten around, Paul A Young's chocolate tastes really good. Paul A Young now has three stores in London, located in Soho, Islington and Bank, and nearby babies may be able to try it.



Rococo Chocolates





Chantal Coady, the founder of Rococo Chocolate, was a high school student at the Academy of Fine Arts. She loved the French Rococo era culture. She founded Rococo Chocolates in her kitchen in 1983 with a unique Rococo culture package. Rococo chocolate is popular for its pure taste. It is paired with the most beautiful flowers, fruits and cocoa. A piece of chocolate allows the whole person to be infinite elegance and romance.








Thorntons doesn't need to say anything, everyone is familiar with it, and it can be seen on High Street in major cities in the UK. The specialty shops in Bond Street and Oxford Street have also been lacking in visitors, especially after adding ice cream counters, the crowd is endless. Thorntons is widely considered to be the best chocolate in the UK, and its chocolate is exquisite and beautiful. In 2007, Thorntons launched a giant billboard weighing 860 pounds, 9 feet wide and 14.5 feet long. The huge billboards are all made of chocolate! It is said that this billboard was eaten up by people in less than three hours...



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