Just talk to everyone about how to pay tuition~

Generally speaking, the offer and email from the school will have clear instructions on the payment of tuition, so if you want to pay the tuition smoothly, you must carefully read every material that the school gives you:

 Interception of offers from the University of Liverpool

offer Cardiff University interception


In addition, it is recommended to consult your Yishen.com consultant before paying the fee to prevent errors in understanding. Generally speaking, the common payment methods are:


NO.1 Bank wire transfer

Many banks at home and abroad have set up wire transfer services, which is relatively convenient to handle. If international students want to pay tuition in a designated account or a specific currency, most people prefer wire transfer.

 Wire transfer features: fast to reach the account usually within a week to reach the overseas account (the fastest day), the cost is not high .

 Processing requirements: provide the beneficiary's name, bank name, address, account number, SWIFT CODE or Routing No., and the currency must be GBP.

Handling fee: 1‰ of the remitted amount, the maximum charge is RMB 260 , and the minimum charge is RMB 50.


NO.2 bank draft   

In addition to wire transfers, students can also choose to purchase money orders. After arriving at the school, hand the money order to the school.

 The characteristics of the bill of exchange: it can be carried by oneself and has good security; it can be turned into cash or deposited into an account without incurring any costs abroad ; in case of loss or theft, it can be reported in full. Cheaper than wire transfer, the disadvantage is that it is slower.

Usage: Students can issue a money order for their living expenses, the payee writes their name, and can easily transfer the money to their own account after they have their own fixed account in the UK.

 Handling requirements: just provide the name of the payee and the name of the country and city.

Handling fee: 1% of the remitted amount , the maximum charge is RMB 260, and the minimum charge is RMB 50

yuan. Note: The name of the university must be the same as the name of the university on the letter of exchange. If the name or currency of the payee is wrong, the draft will be invalid. 

Reminder: In addition to the money order to the school, you can bring another money order and write your name on the head, so that when you apply for the card, the money in this money order can be directly deposited into the card.


NO.3 Credit card payment

In addition to the above two methods, another method is credit card payment. Some schools support the payment of tuition by credit card payment method, generally you need to use Visa, MasterCard logo to pay.

 Advantages: easy , consumption in the UK, parents can pay directly in the country, some bank cards to withdraw money free of charge in the UK ATM (based on current exchange rates converted into sterling) consumable used in the UK, easy to carry .


  •                        Handling fees will be charged for card consumption;

  •                        You need to open another personal account in the UK branch to use it;

  •                        Parents can monitor every consumption;

  •                        Some UK stores may not accept this card;

  •                        Some cards are magnetic stripe cards without a password (British bank cards require a password to be used for consumption). Just swipe and sign. If the card is lost, it is not safe. Some stores will also require ID;

  •                        English statements are not provided, so it is troublesome to apply for a visa in the UK.

Students who choose this method need to inform the staff that they need to pay the pound to confirm whether the bank supports foreign payment systems , or whether there are any restrictions on payment. At the same time, understand whether the credit line can pay the amount of tuition.


NO.4 Alipay payment

Compared with traditional bank cross-border remittances, this Alipay function has its own advantages:

  •                        Low handling fee and reduction or exemption of domestic handling fee;

  •                        Fast speed: the fastest 2 days, the tuition will be paid in full;

  •                        Provide relevant certification, you can not occupy the annual quota of 50,000 US dollars per person.

Most universities in the UK can use Alipay to pay. Students can use this function to check whether their school has opened this service.


NO.5 remittance after online banking exchange

It's very convenient. You can download online banking directly on your mobile phone, such as Bank of China, click on the homepage of foreign exchange settlement and purchase, or cross-border remittance, and use RMB to buy British pounds. Note that the remittances bought here are not banknotes , you have to buy enough remittances to pay the tuition. In addition, you need to keep more balance in the account, because some handling fees will be charged.

 Advantages: Convenient, you can operate directly at home and use your mobile phone ; very safe, mobile banking operations, the transfer will fail if the information is incorrect; and after the payment is completed, the mobile phone will have a payment deposit slip, which is very convenient to save; generally the account can be received within a week .

 Disadvantages: Operate by yourself during the whole process, you have to check personal information and school information many times Such as: payee name, account bank name, address, account number, SWIFT CODE or Routing No., the currency must be GBP. For more detailed process, you can click the picture below :

After the exchange is completed, you can directly transfer to the school's account. The remittance method is as follows :

1. Click "Transfer and Remittance" → "Cross-border Remittance" → fill in the payer information

2. Fill in the payee information 

3. Fill in the transaction information and write the payee's message 

In this way, it's all done!

In a few months, many students who apply to British schools will embark on the road to the UK and start their study abroad career. Seeing this, do you know how to pay the fee? You can choose one of the five according to your own situation ~



Article source Yishen.com