With the restoration of the PSW work permit, the majority of international students will have more opportunities to stay in the UK to work and settle. This is undoubtedly the biggest good news for the British study abroad community in recent years. And a few days ago, the British government brought another big news to our international students:

Future, Britain will take a comprehensive immigration system integration system (points-based immigration system), no matter what country you come from, as long as the integral standard will be able to work in England:

This means that international students will have more opportunities . The “privileges” of EU workers no longer exist, and competition must be equal. After all, they are all Brexit~



Introduction to the new immigration system

The new immigration system in the UK is simply to achieve this goal: to introduce more highly skilled talents and limit the number of immigrants of low-skilled workers. At the same time, more non-EU talents will be introduced to limit the number of EU workers.

Let us look at the specific situation of the new immigration system.

The new immigration system will be based on the "points system", divided into mandatory requirements (3 items), salary levels (3 levels), and additional points (3 items). If the total score of 9 conditions reaches 70 points , you will be able to stay and work in the UK:

We can find that the mandatory requirement is to speak fluent English (10 points), to reach a certain level of professional skills (20 points), and to get an offer from a certified employer (20 points).

This means that low-skilled EU workers with poor English proficiency will not be able to immigrate to the UK, while international students with higher academic qualifications and abilities will have more opportunities! That's great news!

But at the same time, even if all mandatory requirements are met, we only have 50 points. From studying abroad to leaving a job, we still have a long way to go And meet the following these conditions can be a plus for everyone :

1. Find a job with a salary of £23040-£25599 (10 points)

2. Find a job with a salary of £25,600 or more (20 points) 

3. Work in a job that is in short supply in the UK (20 points) 

4. Possess a doctorate degree related to occupation (10 points) 

5. Possess a doctorate degree related to the profession, and the major is STEM (20 points) 


For everyone to popularize STEM, STEM consists of the first letters of the four parts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, referring to these four majors .

Therefore, it is easy to find that high-level, high-educated, and high-tech international students will be more likely to stay in the UK. The students of literature and art can get a higher starting salary by finding more internships to accumulate points, which can also reach 70 points.



As students who are preparing to study in the UK and are looking forward to finding an internship or even a job in the UK, this new immigration system has undoubtedly given us a lot of inspiration, especially in terms of majors and life planning .

First of all, mandatory conditions are undoubtedly the first hurdle we have to cross. In order to secure the basic 50 points, we must practice our oral English in the UK , and at the same time use the vacation to find internships to prepare for future jobs in large companies.

Secondly, reading a PhD after graduate school is undoubtedly a shortcut to study in the UK and even immigrate, because the Ph.D. can earn up to 20 points. After reading the Ph.D., the starting salary is also higher, and another 20 points are also firmly in his hand, how happy!

Finally, if you are interested in STEM majors, you can get more points by studying STEM majors. But if you hate science and engineering, or the university has returned all mathematics, physics and chemistry to high school teachers, don't forcefully switch to STEM !

Let’s not talk about studying in the UK for work and immigration. Reading is like suffering. Graduation is a problem , and the gain is not worth the loss! Besides, if you don’t love your profession and don’t keep studying, how can you find a good job in the UK Therefore, rational choice and reasonable planning are our attitudes.

Article source: https://www.cacos.com/gb/apply/22013.html