Most international students are more concerned about the cost of studying in the UK. How much does it cost to study in the UK for a year? Are there any very simple ways to save money? Students who want to study in the UK can follow this article together 

 How much is the tuition fee for studying in the UK?

  Let us put aside the small heads of school application fees and air ticket costs. The two big heads of studying abroad must be the living expenses of studying in the UK and the tuition fees in the UK! Let's talk about tuition first. 

  After Brexit, with the decline of the pound, now is the best time to study in the UK! Undergraduate courses in the UK are generally 3 years, and the tuition fee varies according to the school and the major. It is about 100,000-150,000 RMB/year. The British master's degree system is one year, and the tuition is about RMB 120,000-150,000. The tuition for business courses is more expensive, and some schools will reach around RMB 180,000.

 How much is the living cost of studying in the UK?

  The UK's largest bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (Royal Bank of Scotland) listed in a list British universities with higher and lower living expenses. In which the University of Liverpool (University of Liverpool), University of Newcastle (Newcastle University), University of Exeter (at The University of Exeter), York University (York University), card Di Cardiff University (Cardiff University ) are relatively low cost of living university .   In contrast, in addition to Oxbridge these two tuition and living expenses are very high top-name school, University of Edinburgh (The University of Edinburgh), University of Southampton (University of Southampton) and some universities in the cost of living is also higher than in London Other universities.     

  I want to remind students that the UK visa center has related requirements for visa deposits. Among them, the minimum monthly living expenses standard is: non-London area is 1015 pounds / month   London area 1,265 pounds / month   students can use this For reference, although the monthly living expenses in many areas are actually less than £1,015, students still have to calculate according to this standard when preparing to deposit.   Counting living expenses and tuition fees, generally speaking, the cost of studying in the UK for a year is 250,000-300,000+ , but this depends on the specific city. Some remote areas can even reach 200,000 or less. I want to save costs. the students can choose some of the lower cost of living and lower tuition city schools, such as card Di Cardiff University and the University of Liverpool, these schools both in rank or strength are very good, especially the specialty, it can be said Very strong!

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