Britain is notorious for high prices How should international students who have just arrived in the UK and are unfamiliar with their places to buy things? The editor Amour, who had studied abroad at Goldsmiths College, University of London, summarized the most common supermarkets in the UK based on his own study abroad experience! Hurry up and get life skills for studying in the UK.


  It is the second largest supermarket in the UK, with both large supermarkets and small ones, similar to the 711 convenience store Sainsbury's Local. They usually haunt near the school. The variety in the store is relatively complete and the price is moderate. The small Sainsburys usually focus on daily necessities. Buying a vegetable or fruit milk is more than enough. It is worth mentioning that in winter, Sainsburys will sell drinks with woolen hats. These are activities that the company and charity do together. Every time you buy a bottle of soft drink, you will automatically donate 25p to an organization called Age UK.


  The little hat is cute and heartwarming.  


  Tesco is the largest supermarket in the UK, and you can see its shadow in the streets and alleys. The price of Tesco products is slightly cheaper than Sainsbury's, and the main color is blue and white. It is also divided into large supermarkets and small convenience stores, but the name of the store is generally called Tesco Express. Some Tesco sells DIY salads, 3 fats a small portion, and there are many kinds of materials to choose from, which are very affordable and delicious. 

  In addition, everyone knows that most of the pork in foreign supermarkets is peeled, but some Tesco has pork with skin on it. Do you know what this means? It means you can eat a delicious twice-cooked pork or braised pork. . 


  There are more M&S in China, called Marks and Spencer, everyone should be familiar with it. 

  Its price in the UK is higher than that of Sainsbury's and Tesco. This and Waitrose are the favorites of the middle class in the UK, and the store has a dark green tone. Commodities are sold from food to daily use to clothing, mainly organic food. 
Many of its products are its own products, such as chocolate, potato chips, bread and so on. M&S's snacks are very good. Dim sum, pastries, sushi and fast food are all delicious. I buy them before closing in the evening. I often encounter 3 for 2 (3 things only charge 2 prices) or buy 1 get 1 free (Buy one get one free) Oh.

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  When I hear the name, I feel very cold. It’s not Iceland. It’s a British supermarket that is famous for frozen foods . Except for a little fresh vegetables and meat, almost all of them are frozen. For example, frozen fish and chips, frozen pasta, frozen pizza, frozen grilled lamb chops, frozen peas, frozen potatoes, and of course, ice cream. 

  Compared to the previous supermarkets, their items are much cheaper (see the price in the picture above). For example, buying 4 Menglong ice creams sometimes costs less than 30 yuan soft sister coins. But cheap does not mean it is not good. They have a frozen roast duck, bought it and bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes, it is almost comparable to Beijing roast duck, and it is human for international students! between! nice! taste! 



  Finally, I would like to recommend a cheap but complete supermarket. Unlike other recommended supermarkets, Argos highly recommends online shopping, which is a great thing for many Chinese students. 

  You can easily place an order online, wait to receive the courier, or inspect and pick up the goods in the Argos physical store near your home, which is very convenient. Argos is actually a branch of Sainsbury's. It hardly sells food. The products it sells include technology products, home improvement and gardening, babies and nursing, toys, sports and leisure, health and beauty, clothing and jewelry, etc., at moderate prices , Sometimes there are big discounts, everyone must remember to pay more attention.

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