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Railcard is an essential money-saving tool for everyone coming to Britain by train. However, you may only be familiar with 16-25 Young Person Railcard. In fact, in addition to this category, Railcard also has 26-30 Railcard suitable for older babies, and Two Together Railcard suitable for good friends (base friends). Only younger can enjoy Railcard discount! In this article, I will take a look at the discount trains that are easy to use. Take a closer look at which one is best for you. Take it home and save you money!



16-25 Young Person Railcard




Young people aged 16 to 25 look here! This 16-25 youth train card is your must-have train discount card! It is applicable to the trains of any railway operating company in the UK, and usually enjoys a discount of 1/3 of the normal fare, but the discount may not be obvious at peak times. The 16-25 Youth Train Card can also be combined with the London Oyster Card. There will be 1/3 OFF for non-peak travelling by rail. This card is set for a period of 1 and 3 years, 30 pounds a year, and 70 pounds for three years. You can apply for a physical card online, or you can go to the train station window and bring the materials on-site to apply. You can choose to apply for a physical card, or you can download the Railcard APP and save an electronic version to the Railcard App, so that you will not be afraid of being fined if you forget to bring your card when checking tickets!


26-30 Railcard | 26-30 Train Discount Card





• 26-30 Railcard | British Train Discount Card


Starting in January 2019, train discount cards are no longer limited to students under 25 years of age, and older babies aged 26-30 can also apply for 26-30 Railcard to enjoy discount benefits! This card can also save you 1/3 of the normal fare. The scope of application is the same as the 16-25 card above, and it can also be bound to the London Oyster Card! However, 26-30 Railcard has only electronic cards, no physical cards, and can only be processed online. Railcard APP needs to be downloaded for use.



Two Together Railcard



• Two Together Railcard | Discount for two people in the UK by train


Simply put, Two Together Railcard is a British train discount card specially designed to promote good friends. As long as two people over 16 years old can apply together. To tell the truth, the British Railways is still very considerate. For couples, friends and family who often travel together, this card is equivalent to two discounts for one money, which is quite cost-effective! However, this card also has its own restrictions. It must be discounted when two people travel together. This card is invalid when there is only one person. In addition, Two Together Railcard cannot be bound with London Oyster Card. The card can also be processed online or at the train station. For specific application methods and precautions, please see the detailed guide above.



Senior Railcard | Senior Train Discount Card




Of course, train discounts cannot be enjoyed exclusively by young people. Older people over 60 years of age can also enjoy 1/3 OFF fares, as long as they apply for train discount cards online. The Senior Card can be used on any railway-operated train in the UK, except for Season Tickets. First-class tickets can only be used for discounts when booked in advance. This card can also be combined with the London Oyster Card to enjoy the same preferential strength as Off-peak Pay as you go. The card can also be applied online or at the train station. Remember to bring information that can prove your identity and age when you go to the train station!



16-17 Saver


 That's right, 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds can also enjoy train discounts with discounts as low as half price! And the most enviable thing is that not only ordinary British trains, but Season Tickets for trains can be discounted by half, which can save a lot of money for people who often take trains! Applying for this card also costs only 30 pounds. You can get a physical card online or by phone, or you can download the Railcard APP to use the electronic version. It should be noted that 16-17 Saver cards cannot be combined with Oyster Card, but even this is quite cost-effective!


In addition to the common categories of Railcard introduced above, there are Family & Friends Railcard suitable for families with children, Disabled Persons Railcard for disabled people, and Network Railcard for Southeastern England. You can choose according to your needs. !!



Railcard APP



After applying all the previous cards online, if you are worried that you will forget to bring the card, you can choose to have an electronic version of the card. Take the 16-25 Youth Train Card as an example. After checking Digital during payment, you will receive a code, which must be saved carefully.


The next step is to download the Railcard App! Click "Add your Railcard" in the app, enter the code you received, and your Railcard will be stored in the app. Now you can buy discount train tickets with peace of mind! The same goes for other cards.






 Railcard can not only save you money on transportation, but also regularly offer different travel, leisure, eating, drinking and other discounts. The specific benefits of each card are different. You can see it under "Offers & Competitions" on the card application website. . Take the 26-30 train card as an example. Its discounts include 75% OFF for YHA Youth Hostel members, theater tickets up to 60% OFF, and 20% OFF for group purchase coupons on Virgin Experience Days! If you want to save money when you come to the UK, you have to check the official website without any trouble to learn about additional offers.

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